I'll pass. The only thing Nintendo did for me in the last few years is remind me I'm getting old, and waiting in line/fighting scalpers to secure something IS NOT how I want to spend my time. My last straw was waiting in the cold for Hyrule Warriors LE. » 2/26/15 9:45am Thursday 9:45am

So I end up getting the whole Atelier series from the PSVita sales. I'm thinking of also getting EDF on the Vita. I was going to get SAO but thought long and hard, I really don't care about SAO nor do I like grindy games. » 2/25/15 9:57pm Wednesday 9:57pm

NoA marketing/sales team are idiots, and the PR guy is spewing some BS. They've discontinued the regular 3DS over a year ago, and replaced it with the 2DS. All they have to do is phase out the regular 3DS XL, and Nintendo can have their three choices. » 2/25/15 4:07pm Wednesday 4:07pm